Font packages dependencies
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Marcos Mello via arch-general
2017-01-13 15:17:53 UTC
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Font packages are being updated removing install scripts now that
fontconfig and xorg-mkfontdir have hooks to run
fc-cache/mkfontscale/mkfontdir. But their dependencies are not
uniform. These are already updated packages, no install scripts:

adobe-source-serif-pro-fonts, cantarell-fonts, gnu-free-fonts: none

ttf-croscore, noto-fonts: fontconfig

ttf-droid: fontconfig, xorg-font-utils, xorg-fonts-encodings

ttf-ubuntu-font-family, ttf-hanazono: fontconfig, xorg-font-utils

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Should font packages depend only on fontconfig (and perhaps
xorg-mkfontdir)? Or not depend on anything?

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