konsole 17.12.1-2 question
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2018-02-05 16:34:20 UTC
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Not sure when this started but seems to be after the last update.
Everything works normally and then at some point, somehow Ctrl-P + Enter
becomes a shortcut for a new konsole tab.

You can see this in settings->manage profiles (shortcuts). I have 2
profiles - my own plus the default. It is the active one that now has
the new shortcut.

OF course this means that instead of command history from bash the
window appears to freeze when typing Ctrl-P and then pressing enter
creates a new tab.

I have to manage profiles and then delete the shortcut and close and
restart konsole.

I am completely unable to find any shortcut/keyboard to make typing
Ctrl-P become a konosole shortcut rather than passed through to bash
editing. There is no documented shortcut to 'manage profiles' that I can
find and it only started happening recently.

Any suggestions how I can prevent this from happening?