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Stephan Fuchs via arch-general
2017-09-27 18:18:59 UTC
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I would like to ask if the program gscan2pdf could be included in
official arch repositories.
There are currently no
best regards
Stephan Fuchs
simple-scan (gtk3)
scanlite (requires some kde libraries)
gambas3-gb-scanner (a frontend for scanimage command, written in the
programming language gambas3 )
What functionality does gscan2pdf bring that none of 3 alternatives
have ?

With all programs above I can scan - right.
I can also make an PDF of the scan.

With gscan2pdf I can scan many pages at once (fledbed scanner or ADF)
and convert all pages directly to PDF. In addition, OCR is performed.
And a pdf is generated with the text from OCR as hocr layer.
The special feature is that a searchable PDF can be created at once.
As far as I know it is not possible with simple-scan nor with
scanlite nor with gambas3-gb-scanner.
The special thing is that I can correct then OCR Text directly before I
save the file.
And a few other things that simplify the work.

It is not just another scan program.
It is the only program I know what allows archiving in this way.
best regards