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2017-08-03 08:13:18 UTC
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Malformed ascii art saying "Don't feed the trolls"

IE: Can't attack the message, attack the man.

Because White Men Programmers simply do not know what they do not know
and take proper, correct, legal analysis from a license attorney dealing
with a relevant issue as "trolling".

Here's a response from another attorney:

Notice Bruce Perens has NO response.
Neither does Professor Moglen who apparently forgot to include a
no-revocation clause in version 2 of the GPL when he drafted it, thus
keeping open the possibility of any rights-holder to unilaterally recind
their grant at any time for any reason so-long as they did not make a
relied-upon communication to the grantee speaking otherwise.
(seemingly** completely negligent drafting of the document) (a
no-revocation clause would atleast make it easier to claim estopple and
prevent unilateral revocation*)

(Notice that the later edition; v3 (which linux is not licensed under)
rectify this ommission (yes this is the main reason v3 had to be
drafted, the pantent issue is a foil))

But Bruce and Moglen are friends (and both look down on Hans Reiser;
feeling disparagingly about his work because Hans Reiser obeyed the
dictats of his God regarding the adulterous behavior of the wife Nina,
and then further, Hans did not accept any other ruler/judge/power etc
(thus rejecting the plea agreement))
thus Moglen stays silent as Bruce Perens libels me. They have their
square glasses on, they love their civilization that raises the woman
above the man, that makes the man a draft animal of the woman, and keeps
the man's love: the young girl***, from him.

Bruce Perens and Professor Moglen have adopted the white man's belief
That the man is the beast upon which the woman rightly rides;
(rather than the Overlord (ba'al) of the female).

Bruce Perens, Moglen, etc look down on those who see beauty where it
truly resides: in the young girl***.
Bruce Perens and Moglen are thus feel Superior for spurning what is
actually good and embracing a pale shadow that seeks to collapse upon

*no gaurentee however... this is an inherent right of a property
owner... to recind unilateral grants,control his property, alienate it
as he wished
** we do not know the requirements that the Client privately
communicated for the drafting of the document
***( taking girl children as brides is permitted by the God under
Deuteronomy 22, 28-29, hebrew )

Hans Reiser did nothing wrong according to the Book of the Law
Still, he stays strong.
First A victim of false love
Now A prisoner of conscience.
At the risk of lowering the signal to noise on this list even more, I'd
like to note that about seven minutes before this new nym posted here
posted the same text to the Fedora users list. There was exactly one
reply. I won't spoil it, go look it up because it worked.
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