syslinux menu, dualhead issue
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Ralf Mardorf
2017-08-10 14:13:05 UTC
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yesterday I connected a LCD monitor LG 24MB56HQ-B by HDMI and a CRT
monitor by VGA to my Computer with an Intel HD Graphics of a Celeron
G1840. IIRC (it's just a day ago :D) if I turned on the computer both
monitors showed the BIOS as well as the syslinux menu at the same time.
However, important is what happens today.

I dislike the LG 24MB56HQ-B, so I gave it back and bought an EIZO

The EIZO LCD monitor as well as the CRT monitor are connected by the
same cables. Both monitors still show the BIOS, but just the CRT shows
the syslinux menu. The LCD monitor claims that there is no HDMI signal.
If I turn of the CRT monitor it doesn't change. If I disconnect the VGA
cable, then the LCD monitor turns on and shows the syslinux menu.

There are no issues with lightdm or openbox, xorg.conf and xrandr allow
all wanted configurations, IOW I can chose between the LCD, the CRT or
use both monitors.

In short, just the syslinux menu does use the wrong monitor. I want to
use the LCD display only, just for some tasks I want to use the CRT
monitor, too. However, disconnecting the CRT monitor and only
connecting it on demand isn't an option.

Is there a way to ensure that syslinux does use the monitor connected
by HDMI?