X11 keyboard layout and vmware
(too old to reply)
Łukasz Michalski
2018-05-21 19:29:33 UTC

I have vmware workstation player 14 on Windows10 host.
Installed arch from 05.01.2018 iso, lightdm and xfce4 desktop.

I added vmware-tools from AUR[1] to have 2D hardware acceleration.

Somehow vmware won't let me use polish keyboard in X11 applications.
Alt-gr + a (ą) and rest of polish letters works under xfce-terminal but
does nothing in geany or other X11 apps.

So I copied vmdk to VirtualBox, regenerated kernel image using
mkinitcpio -p linux and start VM under VirtualBox.
After logging into xfce polish keyboard works as expected - without any
configuration changes.

Anyone has idea what could be wrong?

[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/vmware-tools/