Missing rc-local.service
(too old to reply)
Jelle van der Waa
2018-05-09 07:03:46 UTC
I'd like to use /etc/rc.local and noticed, that there's something
called systemd-rc-local-generator which should somehow pull in
rc-local.service on boot, according to its man page. But on my
ArchLinux, the service file isn't there, and neither does /etc/rc.local
run on boot.
When we migrated to systemd we basically stopped promoting (or even
supporting) rc.local. The alternative is to write a systemd unit which
have a lot of benefits. (finer grained control, etc.)
Is the systemd in ArchLinux packaged correctly?
Well it might be an upstream bug, since the man page is installed but
the binary.
Jelle van der Waa