Booting EFISTUB Kernel: Tianocore Wants *.efi.
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Ralph Corderoy
2018-08-12 17:25:55 UTC

I've an Asus C200M Chromebook with coreboot and TianoCore UEFI newly
flashed. Today was spent working through the wiki to have it EFISTUB
boot a kernel in ESP. The disk has a ESP partition, and a root
partition that's LUKS dmcrypt'd. (All this is new to me.)

I used efibootmgr(8) to add a boot menu item, and I changed the order so
it was second after USB.

On finishing the installation and rebooting, I ended up EFI shell
without any visible errors. Poking about, I could see ESP had
`\vmlinuz-linux', in EFI terms, and the two initrds. Explicitly running
the kernel, e.g. `fs0:\vmlinuz-linux' either did nothing, or said it
wasn't the right kind of thing. I forget. On a hunch I used EFI's `cp'
to copy it to `\vmlinuz-linux.efi'. `ls' then shows it in a different
colour to its source and it booted with `\vmlinuz-linux.efi'.

Where along the line do I arrange for the kernel to end with `.efi'?
Cheers, Ralph.
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